Vietnamese Women’s Day Celebration at TC Systems (Vietnam)

The roles of Vietnamese women have gone under substantial changes throughout the history. Apart from traditional roles such as wives and mothers, they have become actively involved in different social and professional activities. We are lucky to have 33 female employees working at TC Systems (Vietnam). They can be designers, QA testers, HR officers or team leaders, but one thing they have in common is the greatest qualities as helpful colleagues and supportive friends. Together, they have contributed their skills and qualifications to the development of our company. Our achievements may not have been obtained in their absence.

As part of the company’s culture, on October 20, TC Systems (Vietnam) hold a series of activities in celebration of Vietnamese Women’s Day. Right from the beginning of the week, Trade Union set up a “secret” meeting with all the male employees in the company to prepare for the day. This is definitely a special occasion for our gentlemen to express the best wishes to their beloved colleagues.


women day TC Systems (Vietnam)

Let’s party!


Vietnamese Women Day full of excitement and happiness

We believe such activities and celebrations are beneficial to both our staff and the company. No one would love to work in a boring, miserable office, so such events help create a happy work environment where everyone is respected and understood better. They also encourage effective communication and friendly relationships between co-workers.

TC Systems (Vietnam) – Da Nang Office celebrating Vietnamese Women’s Day

Indeed, in Vietnam, it’s no surprise to see unfair compensation, inflexible schedules, and gender discrimination against women in both junior and senior management positions, which go on plaguing companies large and small. The good news is that we can improve the pay and compensation for women and create a woman-friendly environment in Vietnam.

At TC Systems (Vietnam), we always acknowledge the significant roles of our female employees. We believe that for a company to develop sustainably in a competitive business climate, excellent female employees are vital for the health of the company.

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