Will AI Knock Down Blockchain In 2018 ?

Will AI Knock Down Blockchain In 2018 ?

We believed that artificial intelligence (AI) will change our lives and work over the next decade. And AI will knock down. Such long-term forecasts are important, but business leaders must make decisions right now. They don’t want sci-fi visions. They want to know how and when AI will affect their organizations—and what they should do about it today.

Last year was massive for the creation of exponential technologies leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Venture capital funding doubled to $12 billion in 2017 for AI. Blockchain has been laying the foundation for a new decentralized internet at the same time. Last year, the total amount of capital raised via ICOs was a little over $5 billion.

As I’ve been heavily involved in both the AI and blockchain worlds, I am having conversation after conversation of what these buzzwords mean together. Let me get this straight. Throwing “AI” plus “blockchain” together means absolutely nothing. There should be no discussion on whether AI needs blockchain or does not need blockchain. In five to 10 years, the whole world is simply going to move on to a decentralized infrastructure. AI and ML will be fundamental in the creation of deep tech companies in this new world.

Before this world can even exist, we need to build out a ton of fundamental infrastructure and protocol layers. Projects working on increasing the amount of training data, improving the latest research algorithms, and providing a massive amount of computing resources will be huge in 2018.

As chatbots get smarter and use more AI, they will not only understand us better, they will also be better at manipulating us, Dr. Zoldi predicts- chief analytics officer at Silicon Valley analytic software firm FICO. “By quickly understanding the tone, content and predicted highest-value conversational paths to meet various objectives, chatbots using AI can also learn the magic words to sway our attitude, actions and possibly elicit en masse reactions”.

If AI can do  3 things in 2018, this year will be the shinning year of AI

AI will have to explain itself – “The need for Explainable AI (XAI) is catalysed by regulations like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which requires explanations for decisions based on scores, including those produced by AI and ML systems.”

AI will augment us – “Whether it’s drawing the information together for us to be superhuman at investigation, data recall, or improving how we learn new topics, AI will augment our ability to process new information. The question will be as to whether our human brains will atrophy, improve or simply evolve to the rate and frequency of data.”

AI will get operationalised – “In 2018, companies will focus on operationalising AI, particularly in the cloud, to more easily build, refine, deploy and enhance machine learning environments.”

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