Our Development Process

Working closely with many global clients, our specialists gain a deep understanding of the product, its functionality, and the target audience. We take care of the whole process and turn your ideas into high-quality software within reasonable time and budget.


Requirement Analysis

Our specialists start from the first point of specification, which is to analyze your requirements on a desired software product. We believe that analyzing client requirements is one of our primary deciding factors for a successful project.

Prototyping & Design

From the requirement analysis, we describe precisely how the software should be written, and help you choose an appropriate architecture for your project. This is to make sure that the software system will suit your needs.


Development & Testing

Our IT experts start coding based on the product design and preparing test cases during this process. Once the deployment is finished, our team leverage effective automation tool, best practice, and framework to help you find software defects and deliver high-performance product faster.

Modification & Re-engineering

A delivered software product a few years in the past might not address some evolving current market challenges. Through re-engineering process, we modify and adopt innovations and latest technologies for improved performance, detect and eliminate bugs from the existing product.


Maintenance & Support

The product release seems to be the last step for most product managers, but it isn’t the end. This phase is usually the beginning of a long maintenance and support process. TC Systems (Vietnam) offers different software product maintenance models, customizes them for unique client needs and makes sure your business run without interruption. Our support team is well-trained to work 24/7/365 and provide needed technical troubleshoots, guaranteed responses to all inquiries promptly.

Our Differentiators

Why Choose TC Systems (Vietnam) for Your Next Software System?

Focus On Product Quality

We pay attention to all quality attributes equally, not an out of balance focus on delivering product function. Our project manager always creates a good management plan to avoid time constraint and keep the developer team focused on meeting quality goals.

Customer-oriented Culture

We design and develop products based on the deep understanding of our client’s needs. Before writing the first line of code, we always discuss and analyze customer requirements, functionality goals and business method carefully to ensure the success of the project.

Flexible Engagement Model

We understand that project implementation and cost are major concerns to most of our clients. One model doesn’t fit all our clients’ needs, so we offer different engagement models to help customers get the best value of money.

Highly-skilled Developers

We pride ourselves in our talent pools of developers with a comprehensive technical knowledge, who are invested by different certifications and training about latest technology trends. So we make sure each project will adopt a relevant technology.

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