What challenges our client faces:

The global market has experienced an increasing number of smartphone and mobile phone users, which led a tremendous increase in the number of apps that consumers use on their phones. TC Systems Vietnam also understands the difficulties in slow update on customer information, car models and price quotes which a traditional car salesman is facing. We’ve released TCMAPS (Tan Chong Mobile Application for Professional Selling) aiming at assisting sale management. Our first app version is specially designed for Nissan Vietnam Limited.

What our client gets from TCMAPS:

  • Increase 16% in better leads planning via smart data management system
  • Support saleperson with many functions: reminders, customer care, store and retrieve information, compare prices, insurances policy or display visual car models…
  • Create competitive advantage for Nissan Vietnam as a pioneer in applying mobile apps for car selling

April 5, 2017



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