Due to the rise of economic globalization and market competitiveness, outsourcing has changed the international business landscape. Many companies have been experiencing difficulty in reducing cost, optimizing productivity and delivering great customer service. Having an awareness of these evolving challenges, TC Systems (Vietnam) offers outsourcing services according to client needs:

Why Outsource to TC Systems (Vietnam)

Reduced Costs

Choosing TC Systems (Vietnam) as an outsourcing partner helps you save up to 80% compared to the cost of your in-house team. Why is it possible to save so much money? Firstly, Vietnam has emerged as “the king” of low-cost labor for the past few years compared to China and other Southeast Asian countries. While labor costs are cheaper, the highly-skilled workforce guarantees quality. Also, before the project starts, our leaders always provide good cost estimations to control the project.

Leading IT professionals

Our experienced IT experts are trained in the latest IT practices and committed to providing clients with perfect and prompt results.  We are also always updating to stay ahead of competitors to ensure that when clients reach out to us, they are getting the best IT solutions out there. Working with clients both home and broadly, our team at TC Systems (Vietnam) have empowered many organizations and helped their businesses forward.

Fast Time-to-market

At TC Systems (Vietnam), our specialists excel in working with customers in different locations. We strive to manage our resources effectively to make the best products within a short span of time, which dominate the market and allow them to reach the consumer with new products or services before the competitors do.

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