Becoming a Software Sales Representative

In today’s high-tech world, computer software is a necessity. Further, a software sales rep is an essential link in the chain of software developers and vendors to meet the needs of the consumer–whether the software is intended for personal use or business operation. Reap the rewards of this industry by learning how to become a software sales rep.

Educate yourself on the various computer systems and platforms available on the market today, as well as the common applications used on each. Being computer literate is critical for anyone who wants to become a successful software sales rep. Without this basic knowledge, it will be difficult to determine and appreciate your customer’s software needs.

Build on your previous sales experience, if you have any, to become a software sales rep. If you don’t, you might be able to rely on practical experience in office administration, customer service or other support services, any of which may have utilized software applications.



Express your willingness to explore advanced training and educational venues to potential employers when you interview to become a software sales rep. Because the software sales industry continues to experience rapid growth, many companies are willing to hire sales reps with less knowledge and experience simply to keep up with demand.

Track down the corporate headquarters of some of the most popular software products to inquire about the possibility of becoming a sales rep for them. This is an attractive alternative to working in a retail sales environment, especially if you wish to become a sales rep for a specialized or industry-driven type of software.

Don’t neglect the possibility of extending your goal of becoming a software sales rep to the Internet. There continues to be an influx of emerging eCommerce websites and even non-profit organizations that need software to track sales, inventory and maintain subscription or membership databases.

Expect to remain current in software trends as you progress in your career as a software sales rep. Just as with any other industry, advancements in technology, development and application of software requires that you keep up with the changing landscape of this sales niche.


Some manufacturers of specialized software (such as billing or medical software) will take on independent consultants to sell, install and train end-users on how to use their software. Unlike a 9 to 5 job in a retail outlet, this arrangement allows you to work on a freelance basis from your own home and on your own schedule.

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