Vietnam software outsourcing

Vietnam Software Outsourcing – Pros and Cons

‘Will they have the right resources?’ ‘Will they have the expertise and experience to deliver us better software?’

These are a few questions to ask before outsourcing a fraction of your work.

Vietnam for software outsourcing? Just like outsourcing to any other offshore development centers, software outsourcing to Vietnam is not only about bringing out a good contract. Outsourcing can be risky and complicated, so learn the big picture of how Vietnam software outsourcing looks like and get well-prepared.


Low Labor Cost

Vietnam has relatively low labor costs, which means more cost savings that you can spend on your core business activities. In Vietnam software outsourcing companies, the average salary range for software engineers is a lot lower (roughly 10 times) than their American counterparts and relatively cheaper than in offshore outsourcing development centers in India, China, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Adaptable Workforce

Low-paid workers don’t necessarily mean compromised quality. Vietnamese people are generally adaptable to new market demands and are more open to changes than other Asian locals. This way, Vietnamese software engineers are willing to learn new technologies in the industry to deliver the latest IT services and solutions for businesses to cater to the market.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The entrepreneurial spirit is electrifying in the air in major cities like Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh. Many IT startups are mushrooming, inspired by young and ambitious entrepreneurs, whose energy and motivation trigger the production of actionable IT solutions and services. Normally, entrepreneurs are optimistic and future-oriented, and in Vietnam, they even produce a huge influence on their employees, who are hardworking and willing to work overtime to deliver the best fast time-to-market solutions to businesses.


If you’re considering a Vietnam software outsourcing vendor for long-term projects, stability will be a competitive advantage. The Vietnam government has been providing flexibility for international corporates to come into the country and join the big playfield. Former Prime Minister, Nguyen Tan Dung, emphasized on Vietnam’s socio-economic and political stability and being among the most dynamic economies. The country’s stability allows stable labor costs and risk-free investments; therefore, you can focus on your core business competencies while having your job completed by a dependable offshore firm.


Poor English Proficiency

One of the biggest challenges with software outsourcing to Vietnamese outsourcing vendors, in general, is their poor English language proficiency. Their English is not as good as their Thai, Malaysian, and their Philippine counterparts as people normally speak only Vietnamese in their daily life. However, this is changing. The IT workforce in Vietnam has realized the importance of acquiring good English skills to capture the best career opportunities – better English – better money. Good English competency is a must for software engineers in many foreign IT corporates in Vietnam, for they work mainly with foreign clients.

Insufficient High-quality Workforce

Due to the driving pressure of generating huge revenues and fierce competition, there are IT services providers in Vietnam that accept low-quality workforce at the expense of quality. By hiring juniors and fresh graduates, these providers may put the quality of your product at risk. The good news is many IT students in Vietnam are already doing a lot of freelance work before landing an official job. One useful tip to get your investment worth the money is to consult an offshore firm that can prove its highly competent IT workforce.

Vietnam Software Outsourcing – Choose TC Systems Vietnam

vietnam software outsourcing

Our team at TC Systems Vietnam has proven IT experience and excellent English language competence.

We believe good communication is important to the success of an outsourced project. Cultural difference, time and distance won’t be the challenges when it comes to working with our team. In business environment, we’re committed to providing clear professional communication to address customer needs. Active listening and responsiveness are what we completely guarantee for our client’s positive experience. Before every project, our project manager and the team will discuss and analyze customers’ requirements to facilitate mutual understanding between the team and our clients. We also provide real-time reports frequently, so our clients always know the status of our progress on their projects.

Our outstanding engineers and developers have proven talent and experience working with many clients, both locally and broadly. Outsourcing is no easy decision for any business, we know that you have concerns and questions growing in your mind before making one. Meet our teams, discuss your needs, and discover our tried-and-true software outsourcing services that have empowered many organizations in their business.

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