Management Consulting

General management consulting services

We offer advisory, guidance and operational assistance services concerning:

Policy formulation

Determination of the organizational structure - Legal organization

Strategic business plans

Defining a management information system

Development of management reports and controls, business turnaround plans, and management audits.

Development of profit improvement programs and other matters of particular interest to the higher management of an organization

Financial management consulting services (except business tax)

By reaching us, your business are helped with financial decision areas, such as:

Working capital and liquidity management

Building an appropriate capital structure

Development of accounting systems and budgetary controls, and business valuations


Marketing management consulting services

We develop and ensure a wise marketing strategy and operation:

Analysis and formulation of a marketing strategy

Formulation of customer service and pricing policies, sales management and staff training

Organization of distribution channels

Organization of the distribution process, package design and other marketing-related matters

Human resources management consulting services

We offer services in human resources management:

Audit of the personnel function

Development of a human resource policy & planning

Development of recruitment procedures, motivation and remuneration strategies, labour-management relations

Development of absenteeism control, performance appraisal and other related matters


Production management consulting services

We help your business improve productivity, reduce production costs and improve production quality:

Effective utilization of materials in the production process

Inventory management and control, quality control standards, time and motion studies, job and work methods

Performance standards, safety standards

Office management, planning and design and other matters related to production management

Public relations services

Improve the image and relations of an organization or individual with the general public, government, voters, shareholders and others.

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