Establishment of a new IT foundation in Vietnam

With the rapid growth of IT industry especially in the development of software products and provision of IT solution services, Tan Chong is making our presence felt with the setup of our IT solutions company. TC System (Vietnam) Company Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad founded on 7 April 2016 with its headquarters based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Spurred by the economic growth of the Vietnam market, we took this opportunity to expand Tan Chong’s IT capabilities by leveraging on the IT talents in Vietnam. Our vision is to produce high-quality software products, IT solutions and services for businesses and consumers with an integration of systems for both internal & external group of companies.


We have kick-started our company with the hiring of 40 IT professionals with a target to grow our workforce to 70 staffs by the end of 2016, aiming at a total growth of 400 staffs by the next few years. Our management team strongly believes that to grow our business in line with today’s digital age, we must leverage the value of Information Technology in elevating business services to the next level. Led by a management team armed with the knowledge of advanced IT Technology coming from various IT industries, we strive to deliver the most comprehensive enterprise solutions and to build TC systems into a reputable IT consultancy company in the market.


We were entrusted with our first project of developing Tan Chong Mobile App for Professional Selling (TCMAPS) for Nissan Vietnam Co. Ltd in conjunction with their launch of the All-New Nissan X-Trail. This mobile application is built for leads management with an interactive product presentation. Sales advisors can utilize TCMAPS in capturing and managing customer’s details with ease, in addition to presenting features of the product in an interactive manner. This will not only enhance overall customers experience but also create an added competitive advantage in the market. Nissan Vietnam Co. Ltd could be the first in the Vietnam market to introduce such technology in the automotive industry.


Lastly, we’d like to thank the management team for their support. For more details or to reach us, we can be found at, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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