[Cambodia – Laos – Thailand] Country Manager

Title: Country Manager

Location: Cambodia – Laos – Thailand

Nationality: Vietnamese / Malaysian preferred

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manage every aspect of our newly expanding operation in country
  • Recruit the very best talent in this new market
  • Collaborate with local businesses to acquire all necessary resources and services
  • Conduct extensive research regarding the market and learn everything possible
  • Develop sales and marketing teams with local expertise
  • Synthesize monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on progress and development
  • Network effectively with local clients and develop strong professional relationships
  • Work to ensure deadlines are met and budgets are maintained
  • Adapt the business model to be culturally relevant without losing its identity
  • Mentor direct reports, especially in regard to our values and vision
  • Contribute to the overall global success of our company

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