What are the benefits of Nimble Storage?

Increased Efficiency

Slow, cumbersome storage systems can hamstring a workforce. Nimble Storage’s hybrid solutions deliver accelerated read and write operations and dramatically reduce capacity, boosting daily productivity.

A great deal of time is lost waiting for lousy storage systems to read or write files. Nimble Storage offers accelerated read operations and write operations, which are up to 100 times faster than traditional disk systems. This streamlines business processes, saving organisations time and money.



Nimble Storage’s in-line compression ensures the system won’t get overwhelmed and keeps capacity at a bare minimum. Traditional storage solutions use post-processed compression, which means a scheduled process runs at off-peak hours to compress data on the storage array. In contrast, Nimble Storage compresses all data in real time, offering between 30-75% capacity savings, depending on the workload.

For example, on the left of the dashboard, organisations can view a breakdown of space saving, due to in-line compression.

Organisations don’t have to trade performance for greater capacity and lower costs. Nimble’s solution provides incredible performance and reduced capacity and allows business owners to maximise their workforce productivity.

Reliable Data Protection

A successful enterprise can’t afford to lose access to critical data. Nimble Storage has incredible capabilities preventing downtime, including powerful backup and recovery technologies and its support model, InfoSight.

Unplanned downtime, outages and failures can have a significant legal and financial impact, as well as intangible costs like customer loyalty and reputation. Nimble Storage uses automated, point-in-time snapshots to protect data, diminishing the possibility of downtime.

The snapshots occupy minimal space, allowing for frequent, instant backups and delivering excellent Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). Nimble can backup and restore data in minutes and enables quick failover for continuous operation, should a disaster occur.

Previously named Proactive Wellness, InfoSight provides frequent heartbeats and immediate visibility into error conditions, sometimes resolving issues before business owners have even initiated contact. Issues are remotely diagnosed and remediated before they manifest as downtime and disrupt the enterprise.

Enterprises investing in this system will also be protected by Nimble’s 99.999 availability, the gold standard for system uptime. Nimble Storage gives organisations a distinct advantage over their competitors, equipping them with advanced backup technology, proactive monitoring and remarkable uptime.

Easy Storage Management

Data management pains can cripple any enterprise. Nimble Storage uses InfoSight to reduce storage management headaches, simplifying and integrating storage-administration tasks to ensure optimal organisational performance.

Storage managers have a plethora of responsibilities, including alerting, forecasting, maintenance and support assessment. Nimble’s InfoSight portal is built on powerful deep data analytics technologies, analysing millions of data points every day to deliver complete insights into overall storage health.

The InfoSight portal consolidates and presents complex information –  including assets, capacity and performance – in graphical form. For example, it monitors historical capacity increases and indicates when an array is nearing capacity where performance may be affected.

Time-consuming data collation, cross-referencing and long meetings becomes a thing of the past. Nimble Storage’s uncomplicated storage management assures the ongoing health of the enterprise.

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