questions to ask before outsourcing

8 Questions to Ask Before Outsourcing

The growing complexity of the present-day management systems and information technology advances have led many businesses to relying on outsourcing, which accounts for the existence of many offshore outsourcing development centers. For the visible benefits brought about by outsourcing, it has successfully solved problems faced by both small businesses and big corporates. It helps the small organizations and startups deal with their lack of resources, and enables the big players to remain competitive. While outsourcing has become so popular, outsourcing experts believe there are questions to ask before outsourcing, which must be taken into meticulous consideration when consulting an outsourcing vendor.

Here are the 8 biggest questions to ask before outsourcing:

Does my business really need to outsource?

Most outsourcing vendors won’t tell you this.

Even before thinking of planning to outsource, think twice whether your organization needs to outsource. For some organizations, outsourcing is an option, while for others, it is a necessity. You must know very well what your company’s strengths or weaknesses are and identify how outsourcing will help improve your business. If your company has all the resources to do everything excellently on your own, there’s no need to outsource. But this is not always the case for most organizations, even corporates, let alone startups. Due to the complexity of resource management and the thriving advances in IT services, your business may consider outsourcing to win a competitive advantage.

What part of the work should I outsource?

Outsource your weakest strengths

If your weakness is a time waster or a skillset nobody in your team has done, it’s surely time to outsource. Once you have decided on picking up an outsourcing plan, an arrow of questions will come across your mind, like, ‘What part of the work should I outsource?’

Look at your team and check the work that you’re going to process, you will get clues of what work to be outsourced. You should consider outsourcing areas that your team is struggling. This will help you focus on your strengths while having your problems solved by a competent outsourcing partner.

Does the outsourcing vendor have a proven record of their success?

One of the best ways to evaluate one among potential outsourcing vendors is to by examining their record of customer satisfaction. You can do this by requiring the service provider to deliver you their track record, or if possible, contact their customers both previous and existing and measure their levels of satisfaction.

How does the vendor price?

One of the major reasons for outsourcing is to reduce costs, so there should be no excuse for neglecting the numbers. Make sure you know what you’re paying for. Take a critical look at the numbers generated by your vendor and make clear any possible assumptions or simplifications. Ask your vendor how their pricing will change according to contract condition change. After all, you may need to work with both your team and the vendor team to get a big picture of the pricing.

Do they have plans to understand my requirements?

Requirements being thoroughly understood are the key to a successful project. For software outsourcing, understood requirements ensure that the solution provided by the technical vendor meets the demands of the non-technical clients. This also helps clients measure their expectations. Therefore, it’s vital that you know how the outsourcing team is striving to understand your requirements. You’d better ask them to provide a detailed requirement analysis document so that both sides can agree upon before the very first action is taken.

What level of quality can I expect?

Feel free to ask your prospective vendor any questions about their technology, expertise, infrastructure, and so on. A dependable vendor should be able to provide their clients with details of their working processes and ethics. Knowing to what extent you can expect from your provider helps both your business and the software outsourcing partner get the expected results within estimated time and efforts.

What security measures do they take?

Among the potential risks in outsourcing is security, as you are going to share your intimate business information with the outsourcing partner. Therefore, it’s a must to query them for a description of how they have protected their facility from external security risks. It will also be awesome if you can have a critical look at their security measures and recovery plans.

Are there protections under business conditions change?

Make sure the contract is a win-win one proposed to protect your business as much as it protects the provider. Your organization may suffer the bad consequences of conditions change unless you pay enough attention to if thoughtful attention and consideration are not paid enough attention.

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questions to ask before outsourcing

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